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Watch or Download the video. (~40 Mb, requires Quicktime 7)

This is a slice from an entire year's worth of evolved images. I rendered animation from all of the genotypes in my archive from 2005, about 15,000 of them. They were rendered in sequential order, the order that they were created in which gave me almost 45 minutes of animation to work with. I then hand-picked what I thought were interesting chunks, cut them, and arranged them to music. The result for me is a visual, animated journal of my progress with blot, over an entire year. The video itself contains around 60 cuts assembled from blends between 436 individual genotypes.

On the technical side, the video demonstrates new techniques for keyframed animation of evolved images. These new techniques extend the genetic cross dissolve to support animation between two arbitrary genotypes (with different root nodes, different sizes and different internal structures).

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